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Path to OSCP

Pre-Lab First Steps I started getting ready for OSCP about 2 months before starting the labs, I did this because I only had enough funds for 2 months of lab access. In those 2 months before the labs, I casually attempted several boot2root VMs from vulnhub. I had limited success with these VMs, often having to go through the walk-troughs listed on vulnhub to finish them. See the bottom of this post for a list of VulnHub VMs that helped me. The important thing with this course is to keep trying & learning even when you feel desperation and experience failure.
Getting Started With PWK Once you get your course material, I'd recommend that you go through all of it and complete the exercises. Be conscious of your time, don't spend more than required on the material. In my case, I didn't read the PDF but, watched all the videos and then decided to go straight to the labs. I often had to reference the PDF while in the labs, you should read the PDF!
Note taking is extremely im…